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    Temporary Registration:

    Temporary registration is available to persons, not eligible for full registration, provided they meet the following conditions:

    • They must hold a dental qualification obtained after completing an acceptable undergraduate dental course.
    • They must have gained a space, under the supervision of an approved consultant, in;
      1. a full-time clinical position in an approved institution;
      2. a position on a Dental Council approved full-time clinical postgraduate programme; or
      3. a full-time research position in an Irish dental hospital.
    • They must be successful in completing the Temporary Registration process

    Please see the application form below for important information and a check list of documents required to start the temporary registration process.

    The Dental Council will not deal with third parties in relation to any application for Registration


    Temporary Registration Application Form and Checklist[Adobe Acrobat .PDF]

    Statement [Adobe Acrobat .PDF]


    An Extension to your Temporary Registration  should be made at least 2 months prior to the start date from which the extended period of temporary registration is requested.

    Before submitting your application, please carefully read through the important information and application checklist at the beginning of the application form.

    Extention of Tempoary Registration Form and Checklist:[.PDF]