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    Orthodontic Therapy Information

    As there are no programmes approved in Ireland for the purposes of registration in the Orthodontic Therapy register  the Dental Council has decided that the procedure set out below will be applied to its consideration of any UK based training programme submitted for approval as a registrable programme in the orthodontic therapist register.   This is to allow Irish dental nurses to obtain a UK qualification while undergoing their clinical training in Irish based Orthodontic practices. 

    Procedure for the approval of UK based orthodontic therapy programmes

    1. In considering a programme the Council will approve both the academic programme and the practice in which the supervised training will take place.

      1. Orthodontists must first submit the academic programme for approval by the Council as providing the theoretical instruction necessary to undertake the work of an orthodontic therapist.
      2. If the academic programme is approved the Dental Council must then approve the practice in where the supervised clinical training will be undertaken. The Dental Council will visit the proposed practice in advance of approval being granted.

    2. Any clinical instruction or training provided before a programme is approved by the Dental Council will be disregarded for the purposes of considering an applicant’s suitability for registration.