Dental Council
57 Merrion Square
Dublin 2, Ireland


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    Members of the Dental Council 2015-2020

    Elected Dentists (7 members)
    President Dr Gerry McCarthy
    Vice-President Prof Leo Stassen
        Dr Liam Lynch
        Dr Bernard Murphy
        Dr Rory Fleming
        Dr Ray McCarthy
        Dr Danielle Colbert


    Nominated by the Medical Council (2 members)
      Mr Declan Carey
      Dr John Barragry


    Nominated by University College Cork (2 members)
      Prof Martin Kinirons
      Dr Frank Burke


    Nominated by Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (1 member)
      Dr Gerry Cleary


    Nominated by Trinity College (2 members)
      Prof Brian O’Connell
      Dr Claire Healy


    Nominated by Dept of Health (4 members)
      Dr Eleanor O’Higgins
      Ms Muireann O’Neill
      Ms Marie Henson
      Mr James Doorley


    Nominated by the Dept of Education (1 member)
        Mr Bryan Maguire