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    Professional Good Standing

    A letter of good standing is a letter confirming your professional good standing. This letter has 3 months validity so please take this into account when sending your request.

    How to request confirmation of your professional good standing

    Please send your request for a letter of good standing by email to, or in writing to the Dental Council office, and include the following information;

    • your full name
    • your registration number
    • the postal address you would like your letter sent to, or
    • the email address you would like your letter sent to

    Letters of Good Standing are issued 10 working days after a written/electronic request is received. The Council will not issue a Letter of Good Standing before the aforementioned 10 days. You will receive a confirmation email in responce to your request and this will include the date your letter will be posted or emailed.

    If you are not registered with the Dental Council but you qualified in the Republic of Ireland, you are still entitled to a letter of good standing. Please see our page relating to Irish Graduates for full details on the information you must submit alongside your request.