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    Code of Practice Relating to Infection Control in Dentistry:

    Infection Prevention and Control

    Welcome to the Dental Council’s revised Code of Practice Relating to Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). This Code updates our previous published advice on practical measures for infection prevention and control in the light of current knowledge and in line with our commitment to improving standards in dental practice. It builds on existing good practice and renews the Dental Council’s commitment to high standards of patient safety and welfare. It is intended that this Code will be of use to both the dental profession and members of the public.

    This Code of Practice sets out the standards required to minimise the risk of infection to patients and dental healthcare professionals alike. Infection prevention and control in dental practice is the focus of continuing research and debate and consequently recommendations and guidelines are regularly reviewed in the light of available information. The implementation of an infection prevention and control policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) requires a thorough knowledge of the risks involved and practical measures to be taken to minimise these risks. Following sensible and practical procedures, as outlined in this Code, will minimise the risk of transmission of infection between patients and dental healthcare professionals.

    It is the responsibility of dentists and all personnel working in the dental team to be aware of a number of core principles. Everyone has a responsibility to protect their health and the health of patients from the risk of infectious diseases. Leaders of dental teams also have a responsibility to those working under their direction. While responsibility for continuous education and training lies with each individual, each team leader and employer has an overall responsibility for his/her staff.

    9 April 2015

    Download Code Of Practice [PDF]