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    Display of Private Fees


    The Code of Practice relating to the Display of Private Fees in Dental Practices was approved by the Dental Council in February 2011.  This Code of Practice makes it mandatory for dentists to display their private fees for certain treatments in a place where patients can read it before their consultation.  The Council has developed the Code as a measure to promote transparency and enhance public confidence in the profession.      

    The Code sets out the minimum list of treatments for which fees must be displayed.  For some treatments dentists must display a single fee only.  For other treatments, where a range of fees may apply, the fees displayed must clearly set out both the minimum and maximum fee.  The fees displayed must be accurate, transparent and inclusive of all costs.  It is not permitted for a dentist to set a minimum price only for a treatment.   

    The fee notice must be at least A4 size and be legible, accurate and up-to-date.  The fees must be prominently displayed in the practice and must be situated in a place where the patient could reasonably be expected to see it before the consultation.  It is recommended that the fee notice be displayed at any of the following locations:

        • entrance to the practice
        • reception area(s) 
        • waiting room(s)


    The Code of Practice takes effect from 1 June 2011. 


    Code of Practice – Display of Private Fees

    Sample Price List (for download)