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    Continued Professional Development (CPD):

    For Dentists

    Continued Professional Development (CPD) is a continuing learning process that complements formal undergraduate and postgraduate education and training.  The concept of mandatory CPD is supported by the Dental Council but this will require a change in the current legislation.  However the Dental Council’s Code pertaining to Professional Behaviour and Dental Ethics states that all dentists have an obligation to maintain and update their knowledge and skills through CPD and the Dental Council decided to introduce its’ voluntary scheme.  

    CPD is necessary for dentists to maintain and improve their standards across all areas of their practice.  Dentists should embrace a culture of lifelong learning to make sure that they remain competent in their practice in order to provide a high-quality of patient care.  CPD will also help dentists to keep up to date even if they are not practising.  Dentists should familiarise themselves with the details of the scheme, and in particular the distinction between Verifiable and General CPD.

    Under this scheme dentists are responsible for recording their own CPD. It is recommended that dentists keep separate records of verifiable and general CPD. Please do not send your completed CPD sheets to the Dental Council. The Continued Professional Development scheme and a sample CPD Recording Form for dentists can be downloaded below:

    CPD Scheme - Revised 9 April 2015 (PDF)

    CPD Recording Form (DOC)

    For Course Organisers

    Only activities that occur after 1 July 2010 and which have been approved in advance by the Dental Council can be regarded as verifiable CPD activities. Course organisers are required to apply to the Dental Council at least three months in advance of the activity occurring for approval. Please note that the Dental Council will not retrospectively approve applications to approve courses as verifiable CPD. To count as verifiable CPD an activity must have:

    • Concise educational aims and objectives
    • Clear anticipated outcomes
    • Quality controls (i.e. there must be an opportunity for dentists to provide feedback)
    • Documentary proof of attendance/participation from the course organiser
    • Applications must be typed, handwritten applications will not be accepted

    Course organisers must complete the application form electronically and submit it to the Dental Council by e-mail to  Course organisers are asked to ensure that the credentials and relevant qualifications are provided for each lecturer and that the durations provided exclude time allocated for registration, breaks, lunch etc.  Please include the proposed timetable if there is more than one lecturer presenting.   Course organisers should retain the signed attendance sheets for their own records.  These must not be sent to the Dental Council. 

    It should be noted that even if an activity is not approved as a Verifiable CPD it may be regarded as General CPD if, in the view of the dentist, it contributes his or her professional development.  Application Form for verifiable CPD and a Course Attendance Sheet for course organisers can be downloaded below:

    Application for Verifiable CPD (DOC)

    Attendance Sheets (DOC)


    CPD Guidance revised 9 April 2015