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    The Act makes provisions for the establishment by the Dental Council of statutory committees to act in relation to the Council's functions in the following areas:

    • Education and Training

    • Auxiliary Dental Workers

    • Fitness to Practise

    Each committee has a number of sub-committees which examine in detail special topics and report back to the parent committee.

    In the Education and Training area, there are separate sub-committees dealing with registration, undergraduate and post-graduate dental training, specialist registration and examinations for non-EU dentists. In relation to auxiliary dental workers, there are separate sub-committees on dental nurses, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians and dental hygienists. The Fitness to Practise committee has an ethics sub-committee.

    The Chairpersons of the statutory committees are as follows:

    • Education & Training - Dr. Frank Burke
    • Auxiliary Dental Workers - Dr. Rory Fleming
    • Fitness To Practise - Dr. Bernard Murphy

    There is also a Finance and General Purposes Committee chaired by the President.